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What We Do

We provide people like you the opportunity to earn an income whenever and where-ever you like. This is a work at home job opportunity that is smart and easy.

Voted the Number 1
Guaranteed Income Job on the Internet

Testimonials from people already earning good money writing emails and posting:

To Whom It May Concern,
My partner and I decided to purchase your training manual. In the 1st day we tripled back the cost of the manual - now 3 weeks on we are earning $250 a week and only doing this about 30 minutes every other day. Thank you.

Hi, I read your training program and then did some research. I found that there was nobody else out there offering what you are offering with the backing of such a reliable company. I took the plunge and decided to give it a go. That was 3 months ago. Now I earn about $400 a week but I hope to get more as I start to send more emails.
Stuart K.

Hi, I don't understand why I purchased this training manual but I felt compelled to do so. As a young mother I really wanted to contribute to the household income. So I carefully read the information that is so well laid out and followed it step by step. I was surprised as to how easy it was. Anyway after the 1st day I had not made my money back but when I logged in the second day I was surprised to find that I had earn $115. Very inspiring. I am going to keep doing this job. I want to save now for a new kitchen - I think at this rate I could have my new kitchen very quickly.
Judy F.

Hello, I am sorry to tell you I hate these type of sites. It don't even bother reading them normally. But, your site is so professional and has so much information in it I really was impressed. I researched your business to see how valid it is and learned you have a lot of runs on the board and genuinely care. So, I am now the proud owner of your training manual. I have to admit I really haven't done anything with it yet. I am a bit of a slow learner so I am reading it a number of times and going to the places the manual says to get familiar first. It all makes sense and I am looking forward to my first pay. Thank you and I am sorry for doubting you.
Tanya A.

"This is so much fun it doesn't feel like a job"
Name withheld

Hi, Thanks for this training at a good price. Well worth it.

Dear Email Processing Jobs, I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to earn money legitimately from home. I love this job it is very easy. Michelle

Still don't believe it?
Try it now and follow Step 1 in the manual and you will have your money back with interest within the hour

No prior experience Necessary
  • Full Training Package
  • No memberships, meetings, MLM's
  • Guaranteed Income

Vacancies Now Available
That is why we are offering you a training package that gives YOU the knowledge to start immediately!

Before deciding on whether this job is for you please read through this website carefully.

Posting to Social Media and writing emails and earning money from doing so is unique and very easy. Would you like work your own hours, work anywhere you want including work at home? We can guarantee that you will be paid a minimum of $15 to $25 for every email that you successfully send.
Unlike the many work at home programs out there this is not a program but a true job. It is very easy to learn and you never have to join teams, groups or be part of a MLM to do it.

Like all products and services we offer this one is no different. We test and trial everything before offering it to you. If it doesn't work, is too difficult or just downright scam like we don't share.

We have been testing this job for 2 years. That is 2 years of ensuring that this is a business that will work for everybody regardless of age, race or social status!

Our results have led to us earning between $100 - $500/day depending on how many hours we work and how many emails we send. That is a fantastic result without any big effort.

There are a number of offers out there offering something similar to this such as email sending jobs, email sending work, email reading jobs. What makes this different is it is not an ongoing program designed to feather our nest, it is a real job earning real money. We are just offering you the training to do it.
There are no hidden costs, no scams, no weird signups, no memberships. Just quality training so YOU can tap into the internet to earn a real income in your time.

What you have to do to get started

By purchasing the training manual you will receive all the step by step information you need to post to social media, process and send emails. You will also be provided with the information you need to contact the companies you will be posting to Facebook, tweeting and sending emails for. You simply fill out a free application with the companies and you are accepted instantly.  It is important to note that you will be sending quality postings and emails emails - there is no spam allowed as this is against the law and you will not get paid.

How much will you earn by processing emails from home?

Take a look at how much you can earn:

  • If you process 2 emails/postings a day at $25 each, that makes $350/Week = $18,200/Year

  • If you process 5 emails/postings a day at $25 each, that makes $875/Week = $45,500/Year

  • If you process 15 emails/postings a day at $25 each, that makes $2,625/Week = $136,500/Year

Use this calculator and see how much you can Earn per posting or Email you process per day:

 How Many Hours will you work per day.

Number of Emails processed per day

 Average Earning Per Email you Send                   $ 25

Amount You Earn per day by using our Program


Amount You Earn per Month by using our Program


Here are the basic steps you will perform in your new social media and email processing job:
1. You select the companies you would like to work with
2. Write the postings and emails as per the training
3. Send and respond to postings and emails using the information in the training
4. Monitor your statistics every day to monitor how much you have made
5. Get paid

What are the job requirements?
-  Access to the internet, you can use your connection, a friends, library or
  an internet cafe'.
-  You can be located anywhere in the world. You can do this job from any
-  Basic typing skills
-  Flexibility - you can work your own hours, there are no restrictions

How many hours will you be required to work
There are no restrictions on the number of hours you will be required to work. You choose to work the hours you need to earn the income you want. If you want to work 30 minutes a day fantastic! But if you want to work 8 hours a day that is equally fantastic.
Nobody will tell you what time you start and what time you finish. Work 1 hour in the morning and 30 minutes at night - it is all your choice.

What you will be doing
You will be posting to social media such as Facebook and Twitter, sending and receiving emails. In a nutshell that is it. There is nothing sinister in it. You will be working for the companies you choose from the catalogue of companies provided. There is nothing hidden, it is not a scam and it is all completely legal. This is a real job earning a real income.

Your Pay
You will be paid directly by the companies you choose to write emails for.  You pay will vary from $15 to $25 per email written with some exceptions where you may earn more or less.  Most times you will be paid direct into your Paypal account but there are some instances you could be paid by cheque.

Don't Just Dream About Your New Life - Live It
With this job you can decide what you want to do with your day. No more rushing to a job, instead you can enjoy the luxury of a leisurely breakfast, maybe a walk or even a sleep in cuddle. There is nobody to hassle you - just log in to your computer when you are ready and see how much money you earned overnight! Yes that is right by writing emails you can be earning money 24 hours a day for only a few hours work a day. We show you all in the training.

Some things you don't need to worry about
- you don't need to learn a new computer program
- you don't have to buy and sell products
- you don't have to snail mail (traditional post) anything
- you don't need to speak to anybody on the phone
- you don't need to have a boss (you are the boss!)

What the training manual contains
The training you will receive will be concise and very simple to follow. It will be step by step processes so you can take your time to understand what you need to do. The manual is in English only. But, you can write the postings and emails in any language you like or need if you have the skills.

What type of computer equipment is required?
You do not need any heavy duty computer equipment. You simply need a computer and an internet connection. As long as you can post to social meda and send emails and access the company catalogues and your earning statistics that is all you need.

Software requirements
There are no software requirements. You can use any one of a number of readily available web based email services to send and receive emails and of course Facebook and Twitter are online.

Payment frequency
You are paid direct from the companies you write emails for. It will be either every 2 or 4 weeks. The money is deposited into your Paypal account, direct deposit or in some instances sent to you by cheque.

How much work will I get?
The beauty of this kind of work is that there is an abundance of it and not enough people doing it. You could do this work forever if you choose. Once you know how and see how much money you can earn you will not want to stop. We know because we are addicted.

We can guarantee you will earn money once you have completed the training - how much you earn is up to you and we cannot guarantee that. We can tell you that at a minimum you will earn your money back on this very comprehensive professionally written training manual and have skills to call on any time you need them.
Still think this is a scam?

Job Legality
The Business Promoter is part of an Australian company Potential Time Pty Ltd. Every time we offer a product or service our reputation is on the line. That is why when we offer a product or service you can be sure we have thoroughly tested and scrutinized it to our own satisfaction before allowing others to use it. The training manual you are provided is written by us clearly and concisely to ensure you understand what you need to do.

Further to this we would never offer a product or service that is illegal. As a Pty Ltd company of 18 year  it is not worth our reputation to be involved in anything illegal.
The company catalogues provided do not contain anything of an adult nature therefore making this a safe job for young teenagers looking to make money.

Please Note: This is not a get rich scheme. This is a real job paying you real money for doing real work.

Order within the next 24 Hours
and we will give it to you at an extraordinary price

What your training package includes:
1. Your professionally written training manual (in digital/ebook format)
2. All the information you require to access companies you will be working
3. FREE information on other work at home jobs - you will receive for each of
   these a catalogue of companies that are looking for people to work for
  • Data Entry Jobs: Verified companies who are looking for people to work from home - If you purchased this individually online you would normally pay about $100.
  • Online Surveys - Get paid for your opinion: Earn up to $75 per hour just for providing your opinion on products and services. Over 200 companies globally wanting to pay you for your opinion. If you purchased this individually online you would normally pay about $50.
  • Go Shopping and get paid: Professional companies are in need of people like you to be silent shoppers and get paid. You could be asked to eat in restaurants, go to moves, go to entertainment venues and more. This is a real job and very rewarding.  If you purchased this individually online you would normally pay about $40.
  • Get Paid to Drive your car!: You could be paid to test drive a brand new car for free.  This is amazing but true. Some of these companies will pay you $400 a month or more.  If you purchased this individually online you would normally pay about $50.
  • Classified Magic: this ebook is worth $34.95 and provides you with the secrets of classified advertising. As you work through your business you will find this book invaluable.

4. FREE reference material that assists you in taking your new job to the next level and create an even bigger income! This is a special kit that has over $150 worth of ebooks that expands on the training manual and your knowledge on using the internet to make an income - this is a unique and sought after knowledge base! We have included some really classy motivation ebooks as well to keep you positive and motivated.
Your success is important to us that is why we have produced a professional training manual with these great extras included for free.

Purchasing your training kit for processing emails is is 100% safe and secure We only use Paypal. You can purchase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and start when you are ready.

You would normally expect to pay over $450 for this training package!
we believe that everybody should have this opportunity so here is our offer.....
Our price of only $68.99 $7.99 has been fixed
until 31 November 2017

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